seeing and capturing the special moments


Matt and Jenn’s Wedding

First of all I would like to say that I’m so happy to finally be getting the chance to post about this fabulous couple that I had last fall! Their chemistry was amazing and one that is visible to everyone they are around. I just love them together! When I met with them for the first time at the “get to know you and find out if we would be a good match” meeting, their personalty and story caught me. I was in my heart begging them to pick me as their photographer…and they did! :)

Their engagement session was also blast which you can see again here. So much creativity, personality and love between these two.

Their wedding day was no exception. I don’t know if I have seen a bride so happy or in love like Jenn the day of her wedding. She captured everyone’s attention because of her sweetness and carefree personality. It allowed her to show everyone that she was marrying the man, that is to her, the most wonderful. Matt was so attentive and caring to Jenn and you can see the love he has for her in the photos of them together. It’s undeniable…they were meant to be!

Hope you enjoy these from their special day.

A big thanks to Lisa for assisting me at this wedding :)!


Chris and Bethany’s Wedding! :)

It’s here!…the LONG awaited post. I know that this family is so excited to see these photos and I am beyond excited to share them. I don’t think I have ever experienced the roller coaster of emotions at a wedding that I did for this one. Bethany’s mom, Debby, wrote a beautiful description of the day and I will be quoting her through this post because her words paint such a beautiful picture. Bethany’s dad went to be with the Lord five years ago so you will see there are some very touching moments that at times had us all teary eyed. It’s not the easiest task to photograph with giant tears in your eyes, and sniffing behind the camera but I was so honored to be apart of this day. These two were high school sweethearts so this day was long awaited by many. They truly do love each other so much and as you will see in the photos below…it shows :)

Bethany and Chris, you are both so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I know that you will continue this legacy. I hope you enjoy your wedding photos. :)

I also want to say a BIG thank you to my second shooter, Lisa. I am including some of her photos from the day…because they are amazing! :)

NOTE: You may want some tissues handy before you scroll down…just a WARNING :)


photo below: sometimes “test shots” are keepers :)

One of Lisa's photos

SIsters… :)

“Bethany & Chris were united in holy matrimony under a wide multi-pillared pergula on the outside grove of a southern home, overlooking Laurel Lake in NC.  The cobblestone path was lined with tall Shepherd’s hooks that held candle-lit lanterns.  The hues of autumn-colored rose petals lined the pathway and the duet sounds of violin and guitar w/accompanying keyboard welcomed our guests. Bethany was escorted by her  two brothers, married by her Uncle Brian and prayed for at both the ceremony and reception by her two grandfathers.  These have been the men who have stood watch over her life since the day her Daddy went to Heaven.  She was then given to the man, Chris,  who would now take the baton and lead them both through all the days of their lives together.”

“We worshipped the Lord in beautiful songs in  the outside air with a panoramic  backdrop of  trees and lake.  Mike, her new “Dad”  sealed the ceremony with the a sanction of Scripture”

Lisa's photos

Lisa's Photo

“After the exchange of vows and ring, and the pronouncement of ” Mr. and Mrs” it was an erruption of joy and blessing.”

“Chris so lovingly danced with his new bride on their first dance together!  Chris and Ellen were a precious mother/son pair after that.”

“And then, Mike came and took the hand of my little girl and led her on the floor of the father/daughter song while pictures were shown of Paul in the background.  Diana, my sister, turned to me and said “every grown man in this room is crying right now”.  It was a bitter-sweet evening, but we know the God who does all things well.   And  this, well, this was one of those multitudes of times that we have experienced our God who never leaves us or forsakes us.”

Harry and Stephanie’s Wedding

It was a warm afternoon that turned into a beautiful evening wedding. I loved the location of this wedding “The Southerland” in Wake Forest. This wedding party was so fun to work with as well. Everyone was so excited and happy for these two as they exchanged vows. There were so many great moments and I’m excited to show you these photos from their wedding.

Harry and Stephanie, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! :)


Matt & Halie’s Wedding

I loved Halie and Matt from the first moment I met with them at Starbucks to talk about their wedding photos. Their relationship is so personable and they are both just as sweet as can be. I appreciate so much the wonderful people God has blessed me to work with. Their wedding was on a gorgeous day and my assistant, Lisa, and I had a great time driving down to SC. There were some great moments to this day like the “forever kiss” :), photo session with kitty and lots more. Guys, thanks for choosing me to photograph your day! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


Ben and Caroline’s Wedding

Ben and Caroline are married!!!  Caroline is super creative and had lots of ideas to incorporate into the photos of her and Ben. The quilt was such a GREAT prop! Just a warning there are LOTS of photos in this post…so sit back, grab a snack and enjoy the sneak peek!


Jason and Holly’s Wedding

Holly and Jason are just the sweetest couple! I was thrilled to photograph their wedding and get to be a part of their special day.  It was absolutely gorgeous! I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph such awesome people. Holly and Jason, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

A big thank you to Jen Arthur for assisting me!


Andrew and Sarah

Had fun photographing these two again. Definitely the earliest session I’ve ever done :).

So happy God brought them together. I love getting to photograph in new and random locations…this time it was a corn field! Sarah and I kept our eye our for snakes but I just love the shots we got in there. Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek!


Brooks and Carrie’s Wedding

It was a beautiful day at the Rose Garden in Raleigh for Brooks and Carrie’s wedding. It was hot… lol but it was still beautiful. I’m just so thankful that Carrie got her outdoor wedding with no rain! :) A big thank you to Beverly for her help on this wedding! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Wedding ceremonies never get old to me. I’ve seriously lost track of how many I have been to, but still each one is just so special and I love celebrating LOVE :).

Brooks and Carrie, thank you for letting me be apart of your day and for just being so great to work with. I’m so happy for you and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek :)


Elias and Stephanie’s Wedding

I had a great time up in NY photographing Elias and Stephanie’s wedding. Their family is so close and it was so sweet to see them interacting with each other. I was so excited when Stephanie told me that she and Elias were going to see each other before the wedding. I absolutely love doing a reveal before the wedding. It gives me a chance to capture some sweet moments of anticipation and love between the couple. You’ll see from the  photos below :).

Stephanie and Elias, thanks for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding. It was beautiful and and you both were such a joy to work with!

I hope you guys enjoy you sneak peek!


Andrew and Sarah’s Wedding

I can’t tell you how much I just LOVE this couple and their family! They are both just the sweetest people, and and now that they are married I have no doubt God will use them to be a blessing to others.  My Friend, Beverly Wright (Discovery of Life Photography), helped me out in such a big way for this wedding! It’s always good to have a few amazing photography friends to help you in a pinch. I also want to say thanks to Erica for assisting! One thing I have learned is that photography is a gift that God can take away any time He would choose. I am so thankful for the ability to worship the Lord by taking photos and He gets all the credit. Without Him I can do nothing!

Sarah and Andrew, Your graciousness to me was so appreciated and I can’t wait for our little session together! Enjoy your sneak peek!


Justin and Amber’s Wedding

This wedding was beautiful, and i’m so happy to see these two married! I’ve decided to let the photos speak for themselves :)

Amber and Justin I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!


A look back and a look forward…

I have been so blessed to work with so many great couples and to have the experiences of building relationships that have continued since their weddings.  I actually realized at J and A’s wedding yesterday that there were 6 couples present that I have either already photographed their weddings or I am scheduled to shoot them later this year! Guys thank you so much for trusting me with one of the most special days in your lives. I have truly counted it an honor and I am looking forward to seeing all that God does through you!

A big thank you to my friend, Carla, for snapping this photo!

Here’s a look back

– Ryan and Rachel –

February 21, 2009

- Joel and Jenn –

March 28, 2009

– Nik and Stacy –

June 27, 2009

– Justin and Amber –

April 3, 2010

ok here’s a teaser photo from their wedding :)

A look forward

- Andrew and Sarah -

getting hitched soon :)

- Ben and Caroline –

will tie the knot soon!

Brandon and Jan’s Wedding

It was a prefect day to get married! Sunny blue skies and all! I had the privileged of photographing Dee’s (my photo friend :) ) daughters wedding…I know, no pressure when the mom of the bride is a photographer ;).  It was a great day and they were just so fun to be around. Everything couldn’t have gone more smoothly and you could tell everyone was having a great time! Jan and Brandon, I wish you two the best in your new marriage! Enjoy your sneak peek!


Logan and Stephanie Wedding

The day was beautiful and I’m sure one that Stephanie and Logan will never forget. Here are a few of the sweet shots I got of them throughout the day. Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek!


Seth and Michelle

I had a great time in SC on Saturday photographing Seth and Michelle’s wedding. It was a beautiful day despite the rain that was threatening us all day long. My favorite part was getting to make a quick stop in downtown to do a little bride groom urban session! When Michelle told me we were going to be making this quick stop I was so excited! Michelle is also a photographer and speaks my language of cool and funky locations :). These two are just precious together and they are so sweet to watch. They are so loving toward each other and very passionate about their Savior. Many blessings to you both!  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


Julie Faith Photography had a little competition… :)

Matt and Rebekah’s Wedding

Rebekah and Matt are just too cute together. You can tell they love each other and I really enjoyed shooting their wedding. I had some great opportunities to just shoot candid images and capture some true emotions from their day. It was an exciting day filled with lots of memories and a few funny moment :). Guys, thanks for picking me to photograph your wedding. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek :).


Jimmy and Stephanie’s Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a photographer shooting two weddings in the same family  within 6 moths of each other :). I photographed Stephanie’s brother and his wife’s wedding earlier in the spring  and just a couple weeks later got a call from Stephanie… :).  I just love this couple, and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding ever since I heard they were engaged. Jimmy and Stephanie will do great things for God there is no doubt in my mind. Their ceremony was so beautiful and I was honored to be the one to document their special day.  Guys, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek :)

“Do you see what I see” …yours truly snuck into this one on accident (saw myself when I started editing lol)

Don’t you just love them!

You can imagine my shock when Steph said she would lay on the grass!

Lauren & Hunter

You never know when and where you will meet your clients… for me this bride was cutting my hair when out of the blue the subject of photography popped up.  I remember she looked right at me and said “do you shoot weddings?” :).

Lauren and Hunter are just hilarious together. They are so fun loving and sweet with each other as you will see. Lauren and her three sisters are also super close and it was so fun to see them interacting with each other. There were a few crazy moments which included a cockroach, and a giant catfish on a string….YUCK! LOL

Over all it was a beautiful day and wedding and we had a great time! Lauren thanks for picking me to document this special day for you. I hope you both enjoy your sneak peek :)


Burdett & Amber

 It all started when I got a Facebook message about nine months ago from a girl I went to school with asking me if I would photograph her wedding. She then proceeded to tell me that I was one of her biggest wishes for her wedding day (I know, no pressure…yea right!).  Well, after completely missing the wedding rehearsal (due to the fact I was stuck in an airplane in Hartford, Connecticut instead of being in Albany, New York because of bad weather there) this wedding was determined to be a stunning and happy event. As you will see from the images below Amber glowed, because as she said “I’m marrying my best friend!”. They are definitely in love with each other and it was great having the opportunity to capture those images.  Burdett & Amber I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

I was thrilled when Amber sent me a few images of the church they were being married in! It was so beautiful!

Nick and Stacy

I have only known Nick and Stacy for a couple of months (pretty much when they asked me to shoot their wedding :)…) and I just love them. I was so excited about shooting this wedding (that was actually at my home church) and getting to know them both better. You’ll see from some of the pictures that they are both goofy and just adore each other. It was truly a blessing to be apart of their special day and I wish them the BEST!

Enjoy your sneak peek :)  

When B&W says it best :)

Jenn and Joel’s Wedding

I absolutly LOVED photographing Jenn and Joels wedding on March 28. It turned out to be a rainy day, but that was not about to ruin all that we had planned. The wedding party were such troopers and I coudn’t have asked for a better group to be out in the rain! You guys are AWESOME!


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