seeing and capturing the special moments


Matt and Jenn’s Wedding

First of all I would like to say that I’m so happy to finally be getting the chance to post about this fabulous couple that I had last fall! Their chemistry was amazing and one that is visible to everyone they are around. I just love them together! When I met with them for the first time at the “get to know you and find out if we would be a good match” meeting, their personalty and story caught me. I was in my heart begging them to pick me as their photographer…and they did! ๐Ÿ™‚

Their engagement session was also blast which you can see again here. So much creativity, personality and love between these two.

Their wedding day was no exception. I don’t know if I have seen a bride so happy or in love like Jenn the day of her wedding. She captured everyone’s attention because of her sweetness and carefree personality. It allowed her to show everyone that she was marrying the man, that is to her, the most wonderful. Matt was so attentive and caring to Jenn and you can see the love he has for her in the photos of them together. It’s undeniable…they were meant to be!

Hope you enjoy these from their special day.

A big thanks to Lisa for assisting me at this wedding :)!



Joshua and Carla :)

This e-session was super special for me since Carla was my roommate for two years, and is still one of my best friends! There are some friends in life that you know God put there for a reason and Carla is one of those for me. We have laughed together, cried on each others shoulders, argued over stupid things, encouraged each other and made so many memories together. She has been a huge blessing and friend to me.

When you see Joshua and Carla together you can’t help but notice how happy and in love they are. I have been there to see this relationship start, grow and mature. Carla is full of life and passion and she has met her soulmate in Joshua who is caring and genuine. They are so different but yet so perfect for each other. Their story is most definitely a fairy tail and I have no doubt that it will have a happy ending :).

Carla and Joshua, it was my privileged to get to photograph you. I am excited for you to have these photos to hold the memories of your love for each other for the rest of your lives. One thing is for certain…Carla, you will be an absolutely beautiful bride on your wedding day. I love you both!

Happy Valentines day ๐Ÿ™‚


Madison’s Senior Session

Ok so the words to describe me at this session would be…thrilled, overwhelmed (in a good way), inspired, speechless…and the list goes on. First I just have to share a little special story about this location. Back when JFP was just getting started I photographed a senior that lived close to this location. It was my first senior session where I was paid and I was so excited about my new starting career and the opportunity this was. The senior and I were driving around doing what I love called “location hunting” and came across what looked to me to be a house that was not occupied (you find out why later). I was loving the little picket fence that connected this precious house to a little old store. I couldn’t resist…seriously it was calling to me…begging me to photograph it :). Ok so I know it’s an exaggeration but really I’m so happy I stopped to take a few photos of the senior in front of the picket fence.

When I arrived at Madison’s home I just couldn’t believe it!!! I was back where I started my photography business, and on my last session in NC (before getting married and moving to Japan) God had brought me back :). I love little things like that. So I get up to the door and I’m so excited to tell Madison about this little story. We both laugh and then she proceeds to tell me that since her dad is in the Marines they had spent some time abroad and we figured out that it was during this time when I came across their sweet little place.

Can I just say that Madison brought so much to this session and that when she was showing me all the options I was seriously trying to calm myself down. I am so inspired by the little things and this girl was overwhelming me with all the options! We both started laughing listening to me ramble off all these ideas I had and just not even knowing where to start! We did start the session though and I’m so excited to be ending this blog with this session. Ok now don’t freak out! Ending this blog for now until I become Mrs. Johnson :). This photog’s taking a much needed break…so enjoy this post!

Madison, You are a gem and full of creativity. I am so happy that I got to photograph you! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


The Picket Fence ๐Ÿ™‚

Madison and I

Ok so this is one of the photos from two years ago with the senior and the picket fence

Michael’s Senior Session

So excited about this session! There were some super fun moments…which included a very fast ride in a Mustang GT :). Michael is a great guy and I’m so happy I was able to photograph him. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! Warning his smile is super contagious!


Watkins Family “Seth’s Senior Session”

This is a very special family to me. Even though this was the first time to meet most of them, I feel like we’ve been friends forever! You might remember Matt, the oldest son’s engagement session to sweet Jordan that I did a couple months ago…you know the “surprise engagement session” :). ย Well, this family couldn’t have been any more fun to work with. This is what I like to call a two for one session where we do a family session mixed with a senior session. Seth is graduating this year but mom really wanted to do some family photos before I leave the country…which is in 38 days…but who’s counting :). I hope you enjoy seeing some of the special moments from their session.

Watkins Family…seriously you were so fun to work with! Thank you for being creative and spontaneous. The love you have for each other shows and it was so good to get to capture that and be apart of making more great family memories. You all know it was the most fun you’ve ever had getting your photo taken. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Horton Family

This is my second opportunity to photograph this fun family. last year there were only 4 members and now they have added a new little baby boy to the bunch :). He’s such a little cutie. He’s going to have lots of entertainment with his two big brothers that are so full of life and energy. Some of my favorite photos from this session are of the two boys interacting and just laughing and loving life. That’s what I wish for every child. They have awesome parents who love them and it shows. We definitely had to get creative…at this age getting three boys to “look” at the camera is quite the challenge…. but I LOVE it. If only you could see how silly and crazy the parents and I get…literally trying everything…and almost standing on our heads. LOL great memories :). Horton family, I have LOVED getting to work with you and will miss seeing your little men grow up. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your precious family. Enjoy your sneak peek ๐Ÿ™‚


Emily’s Senior Session

Emily loves her horse and I just loved getting to photograph them together. Having horses myself back when I was a teen made this special. Emily was so fun and willing to step out of the box and be creative… I love that! ๐Ÿ™‚ As this season is coming to an end I am looking back and feeling so grateful and priviladged to have been able to work with and photograph so many amazing people. I hope you enjoy these photos of Emily ๐Ÿ™‚
Emily, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! It was so fun working with you.